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Eco Friendly Water Bottles

Disposable water bottles use up so much of our earth’s resources and they severely pollute the environment when they end up in a landfill.  Switching to earth friendly water bottles can drastically reduce the amount of waste we produce while still allowing us to have fresh, filtered water while we’re on the go. Using the…

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Eco Friendly Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs have become a wasteful light source that is turning into a thing of the past.  These bulbs often give off as much unnecessary heat energy as they do light.  With new, more efficient lighting alternatives, more and more consumers are switching to alternative lighting methods everyday. Compact Florescent Lights While compact florescent…

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Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

The disposable plastic shopping bags we see people carrying out of stores in armfuls are a wasteful convenience that can easily be replaced with earth friendly shopping bags.  Plastic bags deplete the earth’s oil and paper bags ravage the forests and lumber supplies.  The manufacturing process of these bags we so casually toss away also…

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