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Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations

Whether you’re trying to have a greener wedding or just reduce the waste made by a large quantity of wedding invitations, a few helpful ideas should put you on the right track to sending out earth friendly wedding invitations to all your guests. Recycled Paper Probably the most common forms of earth friendly wedding invitations…

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Eco Friendly Promotional Products to Show Your Company Cares

Showing your customers that your company cares about the environment is a great way to express your environmental concerns, give your company a positive community image, and earn yourself some valuable advertising. Choosing Environmentally Friendly Materials Regardless of what earth friendly promotional products you’ll be using, ensuring they’re made from eco friendly materials is the…

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Eco Friendly Gifts

Too often we give gifts that are over packaged, over wrapped, and under used.  So much energy and materials are used up in the manufacturing of these items and often gifts are forgotten about or disposed of if they aren’t useful.  Even for the more thoughtful gifts, alternatives exist that will allow you to give…

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